Tiger Team Program

Tiger Teams

UVACSE uses a “tiger team program” to help researchers at the University of Virginia move its science to the next level using advanced computational techniques. The tiger team works with researchers and their existing codes to address optimization, parallelization, workflow, checkpointing, and data management issues. The teams also assist with taking problems from conceptualization to code.

Tiger teams are not targeted at help desk problems, e.g., how do I login, or which queue should I use. Rather they are focused on problems that require a creative partnership and may take days to months to design, develop, and test a solution. There is no charge for work by a tiger team, though longer-term funded collaborations are possible.

The tiger team program is part of a wider effort to realize the goals for computational science as outlined by the Commission on the Future of the University.


The proposals will have an initial evaluation that may involve an interview with you and your team to flesh out details of the problem, understand the requirements, and estimate the effort required to successfully carry out the project. The projects will then be evaluated by a faculty committee for significance, feasibility and impact and the results of the ranking made available to the PIs. The projects will be executed in rank order.

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If you think you have a tiger team opportunity, please answer the following questions:

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that the title, PI and participants, and the abstract of accepted proposals will be published on the UVACSE Website. All other information requested is for the internal use of UVACSE staff.